Geo Organics Skinny Shots – Vanilla Coffee Syrup

The trend to replicate at home the style of coffee purchased from coffee shops continues to grow and this includes flavoured coffees such as vanilla and caramel lattes.   Geo Organics Coffee Shots represent an opportunity for lower calorie, natural and organic coffee syrup for health conscious and eco-aware consumers.

  • Uniquely Natural & Organic – Organic and naturally flavoured syrups where the sweetener is the agave syrup itself.
  • Small Pack Size – Convenient and Handy at 180ml.
  • Easy to Use Dispenser – The squeezy bottle allows your customer to simply fire a shot of syrup into their coffee with no mess and no pump required.
  • Skinny – Agave Nectar is a simple sugar, the body is able to directly utilise it as fast energy. The calorie content is only 3/4 in comparison with cane sugar but the sweetness is approx. 1/5 higher than sugar. The higher sweetness means you use less and what you do use is metabolised more quickly. This combination of factors offers a ‘skinny’ version of coffee syrup to attract health conscious shoppers.
  • Nutritional Benefits – Agave nectar contains a lot of mineral substances and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron.
  • Low Glycemic Index – With a glycemic load of 10-12, Agave is one of the lowest of the sweeteners.
  • Untapped Gap in the Market – Increase total coffee fixture sales by opening up this intrinsic category.
  • Vegan – Approved by the Vegan Society.

Click on label artwork for Ingredients, Nutrition & Allergy Information.

  • Weight: 250g
  • Case Size: 6 x 250g
  • Retail Barcode: 5060005462130
  • Outer Case Barcode: 0500005462147

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