• 03/04/2019 by Jo Venture

Skinny Shots

Replicate coffee shop style drinks like vanilla and caramel

lattes by simply squeezing a shot of our delicious syrups

into your coffee at home.


We’re so excited to expand our product range and enter a new product area

with the launch of two organic and vegan Coffee Syrups under our New Brand:

Our Natural Vanilla & Caramel flavoured coffee syrups are ‘Skinny’ for 3 reasons.

1. The main ingredient – agave nectar – contains less calories, about 3/4 the amount

when compared with cane sugar (used in alternative syrups)

2. You can use less because of the the intense natural sweetness of the Agave, which

is about 30% higher than the sweetness of cane sugar

3. Agave nectar is a simple sugar and the body is able to directly utilise it as fast

energy so it is quickly metabolised


The squeezy bottle is a small and handy size that doesn’t require

a pump and is made from 100% recycled plastic.



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